Best Foot Products For Planter Fasciitis Relief

April 7, 2020 Blog,Foot Pain

Planter Fasciitis is the inflammation of the planter fascia which connects your heel to your toes. Symptoms of planter fascia include stabbing pain in the heel when getting up in the morning because the planter fascia tighten while you sleep or after sitting for extended periods of time. Planter fasciitis is most common in runners, people who are overweight or people who wear shoes with faulty support in your shoes. Footwear to ease the pain of planter fascia includes well cushioned shoes that lace up with good arch supports.

Where To Start With Planter Fasciitis Relief

Applying ice to the area causing foot pain will relieve some pain although will not cure the problem. As a sufferer of planter, we all know that relief of any degree of pain is good especially when it comes to pain of the feet. Stretching exercises are the core for helping to relieve pain from this common foot ailment. Yoga exercises in the video below help relieve the pain from planter fasciitis

The Thera-Band Foot Roller

Foot Massager is one of the more economical foot massagers but will unbelievably provide some much Thera-Band Foot Roller - Foot Massagerneeded relief from foot pain, especially after you plain the foot roller in the freezer for awhile. The foot roller is the ideal size for stretching the planter fascia and once it has been in the freezer, it provides additional reduction of inflammation.  These foot rollers are very convenient and can easily be taken to the office with you so you can roll the feet over the roller and stretch the feet which is a necessary exercise for relief of this type of foot pain.

North American Healthcare Foot Rocker

North American Healthcare Foot RockerThe North American Healthcare Foot Rocker was developed by sports professionals and is another very simple yet effective foot care device. The foot rocker provides effective stretching with minimal time spent exercising the feet. Three 30 second intervals is all that is needed to minimize heel, leg and back pain from planter fasciitis, achillies tendonitis, and arch pain. The rocker design holds the foot in the best position to get the most from stretching the foot.

 Last But Not Least Adding Penetrex To Any Planter Fascia Therapy Is A Bonus

Penetrex is not just a pain relief therapy for many painful ailments. It also has been formulated to heel and repair . Just apply liberally and massage in to the affected areas three to four times aPenetrex - Pain Relief Therapy  day until the ointment has been thoroughly rubbed in. If you enjoy an activity that creates pain, just rub Penetrex in a half hour before engaging in the activity and then after completion. Penetrex has been one of the most widely used treatments for planter fasciitis, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis and a host of other ailments. Penetrex has also given myself some relief from my planter fasciitis. I am a believer!

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